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It's a beautiful day. So why not come on down to the Mirage Resort on Sheratan? Have a drink, lounge by the planetary ocean. You've earned it. -Advertising transmission recovered from intergalactic space


The Leisure sphere allows your House to operate recreational facilities where the hardworking dynasty members and retainers of Imperium Nova can wind down - for a price of course!

Leisure Facilities

You may build leisure facilities on any planet within your operational range (see Technology). There are three types of facility available as indicated in the list below.

  • Bar Costs about $950 to build and $400/month to maintain.
  • Pleasure House Costs around $1700 to build and $700/month to maintain.
  • Gaming Hall Costs roughly $2400 to construct and $1000/month to maintain.

The actual cost to build any facility is influenced by the distance of the site from your homeworld and the competence of your sphere leader. Maintenance costs are likewise affected by your leader's competence. Also, build and maintenance costs are reduced on poorer planets, and increased on richer worlds, due to differences in labour and materials costs.

To build a new facility, go to your Leisure Operations screen from your HQ, and click on the 'plus' sign to the right of the Leisure Facilities heading. This will open up a new row for you to select the planet and facility size, and name your facility to help distinguish it from others of the same type. Submit the new details by clicking on the green tick at the end of this row. Alternatively, you may go to the planet where you want the facility constructed, click on the 'View Facilities' link, and then use the link in the top right hand corner of the screen to build your facility. Once you have ordered the construction of a facility you must wait for it to be completed, which will take some time. To view the facilities you currently have under construction, you can follow links both from the Leisure Operations screen and any planet's 'View Facilities' screen. This will also tell you how many game days remain before completion of the facility.

You can dismantle a facility using the red cross icon, should you have no further use for this facility. In this case, you will recoup around one third of the original cost of building the facility, once dismantling is complete. Additionally, you can always rename any facility simply by clicking on the existing facility name, which will make it amendable. Submit your new name by clicking the green tick that will appear alongside the input box. Note that Leisure facilities cannot be upgraded, the three facility types are quite different.

Note that if you click on the planet name of any facility, you will be taken to the planet information panel for that planet, from where you can view the current trade prices.

Leisure Profits

Income from leisure facilities can be divided into two categories: firstly, the basic income from anonymous day-to-day visits to the facilities made by the population at large, and secondly, a much more variable income segment based on visits by specific dynasty members and retainers to your individual facilities. The first portion is fairly predictable and will be included in your projected income totals for the sphere. The exact amount is based on the type of the facility together with the population and wealth levels of the planet - and of course the degree of competition faced by your facilities on that planet. Bars generate the lowest income followed by pleasure houses, with gaming halls providing the best income potential. However, since the maintenance costs also rise for the larger facility types, the actual profits may well be broadly similar. Note also that the different facility types do not compete with each other - only with other facilities of the same type. So you can have one of each Leisure facility type on a planet without suffering any competition between them, however as soon as you or any other House opens a second bar (for example) both bars will suffer a small income penalty due to the competition.

The second income (or deficit!) portion for a Leisure Facility is based on the visits to that facility by dynasty members and retainers belonging to other players, and often also on what they get up to whilst at your facility! Normally, these characters will spend money to make a visit - but in some cases, the visit may actually cost you money! It is therefore very important to realise that the income from all your leisure facilities, and especially Gaming Halls, may be erratic due to the irregular frequency of such visits and the varying fortunes of the visitors themselves. In fact, it is highly recommended that any House operating within the Leisure sphere retains substantial cash reserves to cover the possibility of a big winner at one of that House's Gaming Halls resulting in hardship or even bankruptcy for the owning House! Although the odds are weighted in favour of the facility owner and should provide a healthy profit over time, a freak result can of course occur in the short term.

Whenever a character visits a leisure facility, the owner of the facility is immediately credited with $10 for a visit to a bar or Gaming Hall, or $20 for a visit to a Pleasure House. The owner of a Gaming Hall will be also be able to view the total solars lost or won by each visitor over and above the standard visit cost mentioned above, when accessing the 'View Visitors' screen for one of their own Gaming Halls. Other players will also be able to view the visitors to the facility in this way, but not the information regarding what they spent or won. Gaming Hall wins and losses are immediately applied to the daily income figure for that facility and to your Leisure income total for the month - which can of course be negative!

Granting a Leisure Concession to a House will give them a significant cost reduction when visiting your facilities - however, the base entry profit your House receives is halved (to $5 for a Bar/Gaming Hall or $10 for a Pleasure House). Winnings/losses in Gaming Halls are not affected by concessions.

Please note that because of the erratic nature of income from dynastic and retainer visits to Leisure facilities, such income cannot be projected. Your end of month Leisure income projection only includes the base planetary income, as discussed above.

Leisure Activities and Dangers

The three different types of Leisure Facility each offer different activities within their walls - and different risks associated with a visit there.

When visiting a bar, the character may chat in the public bar forum that is displayed once a visit is initiated. This forum is visible to all current visitors to the bar, and posts here are deleted after one or two game days. The message list is automatically updated every few seconds, and the most recent 12 messages are listed by default. You can view older messages by clicking on the 'Archived Chat' link. If several players are chatting, there are a number of text colour selections available for speedy recognition of who has posted which message. Only a forum moderator may delete bar forum messages. As usual, any player found guilty of abusive posting on these forums will receive a ban and be unable to post. There is a small chance that during a bar visit, your character will be involved in an unpleasant incident such as a brawl or similar. You will be notified that such an event has occurred when you click the 'leave' link at the top right, to conclude your character's visit to the bar. Should you navigate away from the page without clicking 'leave', the character will remain in the bar for a maximum of 2 hours real time, after which he or she will automatically leave - so you can't avoid such events just by failing to click 'Leave'.

Pleasure Houses offer no special features for the characters visiting them, and so there is no reason to 'hang around' in a Pleasure House, you might as well click the 'Leave' link right away. As with bars, there is the possibility of a negative event affecting any character visiting a Pleasure House, which will be applied when you leave or are timed out from the facility. The activities that go on within the walls of such establishments are rarely wholesome, and often illegal. Visit such facilities sparingly.

Gaming Halls offer a number of games of chance that allow the visitor to stake solars for a potential big win. Note that the odds for pretty much all Gaming Hall games are weighted to favour the facility owner, and not the visitor. However, there are certainly wins on offer and the potential to win big is always there. The games available in a Gaming Hall are the same for all such facilities, and are accessed once your character is within the facility, with the rules for each game visible on the page for that game. Your character may leave a Gaming Hall in the same manner as for other Leisure facilities - simply click the 'Leave' link in the top right corner of the screen, or else the visit will time out after several real-time hours (even if the character is still present and active).

Miscellaneous Points Regarding Leisure Visits You can access a list of all Leisure Facilities directly from your House Dynasty page - just click the 'Leisure Options' link. This list defaults to filtering by your homeworld, where it will be far cheaper to conduct visits to Leisure Facilities. You may of course change the filter to include all planets, or another specific planet. The list also indicates whether or not you have any characters visiting the facility in question - under the 'Own Visitors?' column. You can view the current visitors or commence a visit yourself, from this screen.

Should you navigate away from the ongoing leisure visit screen for any of the facility types during an actual visit - for example by clicking on an option from the main menu - you can always return there by carrying out the steps to visit the facility again. That is, go to the planet facility list or the Leisure Facility list from your Dynasty page and click the 'visit facility' link. Just make sure you select the same character. You will then be taken directly back into the ongoing visit screen, rather than the confirmation screen which would charge you for a 'new' visit. In this way, you will not be charged each time you go back to the ongoing visit screen, and may carry out other business and then return there as many times as you like, until you click 'leave' or else the visit times out after several real-time hours.

As seen in the Rulebook

Tips From Other Players

Leisure is a very easy and stable sphere, but like everything else you don't want too many people in it. Leisure is unusual in that instead of being able to choose between 3 levels of the same facility, you have access to 3 separate facilities, each with their own mechanics and demands.

Leisure has a very similar profile to Psionics: both benefit from wealthy, high population worlds. Talking to psionics players about which worlds are offering good profits can be beneficial. A Rich/Huge Population planet can likely profitably support 10 Leisure facilities of each type, while a Tiny/Poverty Stricken planet may be able to barely support even 1.

No Stress

Leisure was originally implemented with the idea that the game would require dynasty members to visit Leisure facilities to relieve stress, with profits going to the owner of the visited facility. Since the mechanic proved to only hinder the entertainment of the game, the mechanism was removed, but Leisure remained. Now, there is rarely a reason to go to a Leisure facility other than just to have a character bar hop or gamble a bit for no reason. There is always the chance of a payout at a casino as well, but Leisure facilities are so rarely used, it's not really an issue.

Sphere Leader

Administrator is the highest weighted stat for leisure, albeit not by much. Other stats seem to be weighed more or less equally. A breakdown of a few sphere leaders as well as costs associated with creating the same facility (no experience).

Cost Leader Stats Numerical Mitigating Factors
2720.90 diligent, charismatic individual. accomplished 0 1 0 2 Checked while on a Prosel Campaign - possible double-book penalty
2734.30 driven, ordinary intellectual. average 2 0 1 0
2747.70 diligent, ordinary genius. average 0 0 2 0
2774.51 idle, ordinary individual. accomplished -1 0 0 2
2814.72 dynamic, irritating individual. average 1 -1 0 0
2841.53 diligent, enchanting halfwit. average 0 2 -2 0 Checked while on a Prosel Campaign - possible double-book penalty
2854.93 diligent, charismatic halfwit average 0 1 -2 0

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