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Game Rules

As with all spheres, access your Psionic Operations screen by clicking the 'Psionics' link that appears on your HQ page if you are operating within this sphere of activity. This screen displays all of your psionic facilities, and allows you to manage these.

Houses operating in this sphere of activity specialise in cultivating and hiring out individuals who are talented in psionics - those who have a 'sixth sense' or limited ability to 'see' the future, and may also be possessed of other paranormal talents. Such Houses will gain benefits to the success chance of all Covert Operations due to the presence of Psionic operatives within their secret services. Also, the security budget of a House operating within this sphere will be reduced, since the House will have ready access to psionics and will not have to hire them from third parties. The extent of these advantages is greatest for Houses with Psionics as their primary sphere.

Psionic Facilities

Aside from these benefits, income may be generated through the construction of Psionic facilities. These training and co-ordination centres for psionic individuals gain income from providing psionic services to third parties. Three sizes of facility may be constructed:

  • Psi Lab: Costs about $950 to build and $400/month to maintain.
  • Psi Academy: Costs around $1700 to build and $700/month to maintain.
  • Psi Institute: Costs roughly $2400 to construct and $1000/month to maintain.

The actual cost to build any facility is influenced by the distance of the site from your homeworld and the competence of your sphere leader. Maintenance costs are likewise affected by your leader's competence. Also, build and maintenance costs are reduced on poorer planets, and increased on richer worlds, due to differences in labour and materials costs.

The larger the facility, the more income is generated daily. The exact amount of income depends on the wealth and population of the planet in question and on the number of other Psi Facilities on that planet. The greater and more wealthy the population, the greater the demand for Psi services and so the higher the potential income. If there are a lot of Psi facilities however, they must divide the available income between them to some extent, which can dramatically reduce the profitability of such facilities.

As a rule, then, you should build psi facilities on planets which have a high population and wealth level, and where there are none or only a few existing psi facilities already in place.

As seen in the Rulebook

Tips From Other Players

Psionics has a very low saturation, most planets can't hold more than 5-10 profitable facilities. It is hard to make a decent profit with Psi if there are more than 2-3 other Houses operating it nearby

Psi relies heavily on the wealth of planets, so focus on planets with Average or higher wealth first, you are more likely to make a profit on them.

Psi Concessions

It's usually a bad idea to both run Psi facilities and offer Psi concessions, because each concession offered reduces the profit of your facilities. (The same issue doesn't apply to Technology and some other spheres.)

If you choose to sell psi concessions rather than build facs for this sphere, make sure to know the following:

Contact other concessions sellers first: By using Psi as a fac-less sphere, you accept that it will never be more than a secondary form of income. If you cannot have a galaxy-wide monopoly on the practice then you will have to contact your competition ASAP to fix prices. You can still compete on non-price benefits, but the last thing you want to do with this market (one already selling to fickle consumers) is a price war. It will make the sphere unsustainable.

Never sell for less than 5k/month: This is a golden rule. In older galaxies (Baade, Capricorn, Eridanus) this number may be higher, but in young ones it must never drop below 5000 Solars a month. Even if you are desperate. Selling below this level makes the market's consumers think everyone can sell at that level. They can't. You can't. Psi concessions are already low-income, so by selling below this range you effectively waste a sphere. Even if you can sell to 10 Houses at once at this level (no easy task), you can never amass the sort of reserve-funds the whole practice exists for.

Advertise: Send an embassy message along with any offer you give. It's not vital, but it's a good chance for RP and it gives you a chance to persuade your market that your product is worth buying. It can lead to a lot of fun if you pull it off properly.

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