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Concerning Status and Influence

Game Rules

Before examining the menu options available from your HQ it is worth discussing the concepts of Status and Influence, by which your House will be rated in the game.

Each time you log in to your HQ you will see your status score beneath your House crest and motto, together with your ranking in the galaxy. Clicking on the ranking link will take you to a list of all Houses in the galaxy ranked by descending status. Your status score will determine the title that is displayed beneath your House name beside your crest. These titles are as follows:

  • Status <0 Contemptible
  • Status 1-25 Minnow
  • Status 26-75 Lesser House
  • Status 76-250 Minor House
  • Status 251-500 Major House
  • Status 501-1000 Great House
  • Status 1001+ Imperial House

There is one additional status bracket - 'Renegade'. This applies to Houses that have undertaken attacks on other Houses illegally and without due cause - see the Feud Scores section for further information.

Status is derived from two areas. Firstly, the sum of your influence on each of the planets within your operational range. You increase your influence on a planet mainly by through building facilities there, but winning the Senate seat for the planet also provides a major influence boost, and successful propaganda directed against a rival House on the planet can help. You can also commission permanent Public Works on a planet to gain a significant influence boost. The levels of influence you can achieve are as follows:

  • Negligible
  • Insignificant
  • Minor
  • Moderate
  • Substantial
  • Major
  • Huge
  • Enormous
  • Supreme

At the higher levels of influence (substantial and above), your House will benefit financially from reduced costs in all activities carried out on that planet - reaching a 25% cost reduction when you have Supreme influence on a planet.

Aside from planetary influence, you also gain or lose status based on actions carried out within the game. This 'temporary' status will fade over time, with gains and losses accrued in this way halving each game year as past events fade into memory. The causes for these status changes vary widely, from gaining status through a dynastic marriage or victory in a duel or battle, through losing status due to insulting another House or being warned by the Emperor for piracy. Whatever the reason, such status adjustments are immediately added to your overall status and will be halved after each game year, until they fade into insignificance.

Status also dictates how many Spheres of Activity you will be able to operate. At certain levels you will become eligible to open a new sphere of activity.

As seen in the Rulebook


The max discount you can receive from planetary influence is now 10%, and there is no minimum influence requirement to benefit from status discounts.

You can also achieve the House Title “Laughing Stock” by falling under 50 status below zero.

A House with 0 status is also classed as a minnow.

Influence Percentage

This section is speculative and incomplete. Feel free to update with more accurate information.

  • None: no influence
  • Negligible: 0-0.8 vote percentage. 1 or 2 influence points.
  • Insignificant: 1-2 vote percentage. 3-5 influence points.
  • Minor: 2-4 vote percentage. 6-9 influence points.
  • Moderate: 4-10 vote percentage. 10-24 influence points.
  • Substantial: 10-20 vote percentage. 25-50 influence points.
  • Major: 20-25 vote percentage. 51-62 influence points.
  • Huge: 25-30 vote percentage. 63-74 influence points.
  • Enormous: 30-35 vote percentage. 75-87 influence points.
  • Supreme: 35-40 vote percentage. 88-100 influence points.

Tips From Other Players

Every planet in Imperium Nova has 100 status points to be allotted to houses that exert influence on it. A certain amount is allotted for the governor's seat of that planet, while the rest is divided up between the rest of the houses based on their number of facilities and Public Works.

A successful Propaganda Campaign directed towards another house permanently reduces their status on a planet, increasing the influence of all other houses that exert influence on that planet.

Don't try overly hard to track your status in Imperium Nova - there are too many factors, and you'll drive yourself crazy trying to figure out why you lose 2 points one day only to gain 4 the next.

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