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Year 0CA, last year of Anniversallis reign

?? ?: The Federation of Concordia is formed.

The Diet Sheliak Secundus:The non-native nobility agrees to unite themselves under the Star League, ending the rule of the declining Anniversallis dynasty.

Year 1CA, Year 1 Onasi

?? ?: Nehemiah Onasi is elected emperor by the Diet of Sheliak Secundus.

?? ?:The Star League Charter is promulagate. Written by the emperor and overlooked by the Minister of Law, the charter officially estabelished the Star League, it bicameral legislature(League Assembly and Senate) and its ministries.

Years 2-4CA, Years 2-4 Onasi

?? ?: Schattenhund territories reorganized into the Protectorate of Neueszuhaus: a new Star League member state under the military and diplomatic guidance of the Federation of Concordia, with Theo Schattenhund as its Chief-Minister and Assembly representative.

?? ?: Shu territories are organized into the Regulus Federation, with Michiko SHu as its Magistrix. The Regulus Federation declares independence from the Star League shortly after.

Year 5CA, Year 5 Onasi

?? ?: All members of House Onasi are killed in a terrorist attack by native supremacists. Minister of Law Theo Schattenhund becomes regent of the Star League.

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