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House Avellar

House Avellar
Leader:Sister Henriette Avellar
Motto:The Past is only the Beginning
Homeworld:None (Migatory
House Faith:FAITH NAME
Alliance:The Coalition

House Background

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* Sister Henriette Avellar - Leader of the House

* Kanekata Avellar - Husband of the Lady

* Yoshikage Avellar - Brother of the Henriette

* Océane Avellar - Cousin of the Henriette

* Oliver Avellar - Cousin of the Henriette

* Kintsuna Avellar - Son of the Henriette & Kanekata

* Noriko Avellar - Daughter of the Henriette & Kanekata

* Toshimasa Avellar - Son of the Yoshikage

Other Information

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