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Welcome to Hel!

Hel is the newer of the six galaxies active in Imperium Nova.

Not much is known about this galaxy, many of the Houses are those who have come descended from other galaxies. Some had come to conquer and colonise the newly discovered galaxy, while other houses found a more peaceful coexistent relation with the natives of this galaxy.

Current Houses

(As of 25 July 2018)

House Name Status Any more Information
House Ordo MalleusMajor House of Acamar
House AlcibiadesGreat House of Schedar
House AvellarGreat House of the Galactic West
House TannekLesser House of Alphard
House SrivaniLesser House of Zaurak Australis
House DominiferMinor House of Pleione
House SchattenhundLesser House of Sheliak Secundus
House ShuMinor House of Regulus
House Tokugawa Lesser House of Mizar
House Al-Waheed Major House of Marfik
House Eoganachta Great House of Skat
House D'Astier Lesser House of Muliphen

Past Houses

(As of 12 December 2017)

House Name ​Status ​ Any more Information
House ​AdventusMinnow ​of Kitalpha
House ​IronhandMinnow ​of Syrma
House ​MorningstarLesser House of Kaus
House ​OnasiLesser ​House of Fomalhaut I Emperor of the Star League ​
House LodbrokMinnow of Propus Records Lost
House MerseiMinnow of Denebola Records Lost
House NihtgengaMinnow of Altair Records Lost
House O'fergalMinnow of Algol Records Lost
House RothschildMinnow of Algenib Records Lost
House von HolksgrugMinnow of Pleione Records Lost
House ZayMinnow of Mizar Records Lost

History of Hel

Laws of Hel

Governments of Hel

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