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Hello, I'm Cyaziris, the player behind house ser Noche, and enjoying Imperium Nova a lot.

I'm a twenty-four year old Archeology/Egyptology student from The Netherlands, and I've been playing IN since age immemorial. I first joined up in the beta version, when a lot of things now possible like Leisure, Exploration, Agriculture and Mysticism weren't available yet. Once again I signed up in september 2007 at the restart, to Capricorn. My house has survived the 2.0 version change, as has my religion, and I'm proud to run a house that adheres to their words.

My house, the ser Noche family, is placed in Capricorn, and adheres to the faith of Ryvanscreer.

Also try this site, which I put up myself, for news and history on Capricorn in short articles selected by my house's press agents. (no longer updated)

My own hub site is, where I link to most of my other locations on the internet. You can also find me on DeviantArt, where I have quite a bit of artwork, including things made for Imperium Nova.

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