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This is the user page for SaintJiub. I am the player of House Amjad in Capricorn, and House Reza in Eridanus. You can also encounter me on the IRC Channel, similarly using the name SaintJiub (or sometimes the alternative nicks Simorgh or BactrianCamille). I'm a 18 year old student, and I've been playing Imperium Nova since May 2014. I archive forum threads in Capricorn and Eridanus, when they're no longer active and thus safe to be archived. I also offer anonymous posting for Capricorn. I'm currently trying to get to grips with DokuWiki, and porting pages over from the old wiki, located here. Thank you for stopping by, and haste ye back.

To-do list

  • Format new Capricorn archive threads.
  • Add new threads to archive.
  • Work on editing guide.
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