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A Brief Guide to Editing This Wiki

What follows is a brief guide to editing this wiki (a work in progress), written by SaintJiub and Celti.

Basic Syntax

This is the first thing you'll want to familiarise yourself with. The full documentation is located here.

For a more basic summary, read onwards:

Links are formatted like this: [[wiki:guide|Editing guide]]. The part before the ‘|’ is the address of the page, with all the namespaces (described below, but for now think 'directories') separated by colons. The part after the ‘|’ is the text to display; if you leave that off, it displays the page's title instead (if the page doesn't have a title, it just displays the name of the page). For example, [[wiki:guide|Editing Guide]] will produce Editing Guide, while [[wiki:guide]] will produce A Brief Guide to Editing This Wiki.


Basic styles: **bold text** produces bold text, //italic text// produces italic text, __underlined text__ produces underlined text, and ''monospaced text'' produces monospaced text.


Table cells are separated by pipes (“|”) for regular cells, or carets (“^”) for header cells. Each table row goes on its own line, and must start and end with a table separator. Make a cell span multiple columns by making the cells to the right of it completely empty, not even spaces. Make a cell span multiple rows by filling the cells below it with three colons (“:::”).

This code…

^  Heading 1     ^  Heading 2     ^
|  Row 1, Col 1  |  Row 1, Col 2  |
|  Row 2. Col 1  |  Row 2, Col 2  |
|  Row 3, Col 1  |  Row 3, Col 2  |

…produces this table.

Heading 1 Heading 2
Row 1, Col 1 Row 1, Col 2
Row 2. Col 1 Row 2, Col 2
Row 3, Col 1 Row 3, Col 2

This code…

^  Heading 1  ^  Heading 2     ^  Heading 3     ^
|  Col 1      |  Row 1, Col 2  |  Row 1, Col 3  |
|  :::        |  Row 2, Columns 2 and 3        ||
|  :::        |  Row 3, Col 2  |  Row 3, Col 3  |

…produces this table.

Heading 1 Heading 2 Heading 3
Col 1 Row 1, Col 2 Row 1, Col 3
Row 2, Columns 2 and 3
Row 3, Col 2 Row 3, Col 3


All the pages (and images, but we'll get to that in a bit) on this wiki are separated into ‘namespaces’. As I said earlier, a namespace is a bit like a directory. Each namespace has an index page named “start”, and any number of other pages and/or ‘subnamespaces’. Namespaces and pages are separated by colons; e.g. this page, “wiki:guide”, is the page “guide” in the namespace “wiki”. The start page is also available at “namespace:”, with just an empty page name.

A link without a colon in it (e.g. [[syntax]]), links to the page of that name within the current namespace. A link with a colon in it (i.e., to a specific namespace, such as [[eridanus:houses:]]), always starts relative to the top of the wiki. The one exception to this is a link that starts with “.:” (e.g., [[.:playground:start]]), which links to a page or subnamespace of the current namespace.

Each galaxy in Imperium Nova has a namespace (i.e., :baade:, :capricorn:, :draco_reborn:, :eridanus:, or :gemini:). Within these namespaces is a “houses:” namespace, which contains information about each of that galaxies house's. Other namespaces within a galaxxy include “faiths:”, “alliances:”, and “planets:”, and some may have more besides. To get you started, each of these namespaces has a template (located at the page “template” within each namespace) that pre-generates some content and formatting for every new page in that namespace.

There is also a :general: namespace, with information about the rules and mechanics of the game itself, and you're currently in the :wiki: namespace, with information about this wiki! Finally, there is a :user: namespace, where user pages live. If you click on your username at the bottom of a page you've edited recently, or at the top of the screen where the “Update Profile” and “Log Out” links are, you'll find yours.


There are a number of plugins installed on this wiki to add functionality. Most of them have documentation links on the syntax page, but we'll cover a few here:

The include plugin lets you stick pages inside other pages. Use it like {{page>wiki:syntax}}, or {{page>wiki:syntax#quoting}} to include only one section from a page.

The redirect plugin lets you redirect one page to another. Use it like ~~REDIRECT>wiki:syntax~~.

Getting Help

Honestly, read the syntax page! It answers a lot of questions. If you can't figure it out, come visit us on the IRC channel (heck, come visit us anyway!). Someone there will answer your question, often quite quickly. If you don't feel comfortable using IRC, then Celti, the wiki administrator, is available by several methods.

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